Friday, March 9, 2007

iPod - The Non-Stop Entertainer

iPod - The Non-Stop Entertainer:

iPod…An ultra-portable digital music player that enables you to bring your music collection with you, wherever you go. It provides you the flexibility that you crave for. Listen to music in the bus while traveling, when taking a jog, at the gym, and even when you are at work. No more heavy baggage of CD’s. The iPod weighs just a few grams and you can load over 10,000 songs in it. It comes with varied storage capacity options.

It was in the year 2001; Apple introduced the iPod with a memory of 5 GB. It was the memory which never heard of then. The latest i.e., the 5th generation iPod was introduced in October 2005 with 30 and 60 GB sizes. It can play songs, movies and photo slideshows, and with the recent one you can store up to 60 GB of any type of file you want.

Apple has continuously made innovations in its product. The current generation of iPod Players includes:

  • iPod shuffle which has 1-GB capacity. The only problem is that it can play songs but display is not available.
  • iPod nano which can play digital audio and display digital photos. Its available in 2, 4 and 8GB storage

iTunes is the integrated media-player software that comes along with an iPod. It’s installed on the computer/laptop with which one can use for organizing, playing, converting and downloading files from an external source to the computer and even from the computer to an iPod.

The iTunes Store lets iPod users purchase music, movies, podcasts, audiobooks and music videos with a click. The Store offers 3.5 million songs, tens of thousands of podcasts, 3,000 music videos and 20,000 audiobooks, as well as TV shows, feature films and iPod video games. One can directly watch or listen to the files through iTunes on the computer and download them to the iPod.

The Click Wheel is easy to navigate. Its very fun to select playlists, scroll through artists, and select the song. Even a child can do it playfully. Apple’s iPod is the best portable digital music experience possible with highest sound quality possible. Some of the notable features include:

Digital Audio:
You can have access to 20,000 songs in 80-GB iPod whereas for 30 GB model iPod, one can store up to 7,500 songs. It supports MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, Apple Lossless and Audible 2,3 and 4 audio files.

Digital Video:
The 80-GB version can hold up to 100 hours digital quality video. It supports H.264 and MPEG-4 files as well as MOV files which can be converted to iPod video through the iTunes software.

Digital Photos:
The 80-GB iPod can store up to 25,000 photos. The important feature of the iPod is that it can support files which are converted from JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and PSD. You can download your photos to the iPod from both Mac iPhoto and Windows Adobe Photoshop Elements/Album.

Other Uses:

  • Functions as handy hard disk, carrying all types of files for computers.
  • Calendar/contacts syncing
  • Download and create games
  • Car integration with iPod player into the sound system.

The best notable feature of Apple’s iPod is that it can work with both Mac and Windows machines.

So with a 30GB or 80GB iPod in hand, one can enjoy music, movies, TV shows, iPod games, podcasts, audiobooks, photo albums, and, of course an entire library of music. In other words, iPod is a pocket-size prodigy.

You can continuously listen to the iPod songs up to 20 hours. Or else, if you want to watch movies and TV shows you can have the nonstop entertainment up to six-and-a-half hours.

Other Uses of iPod:
Rather than buying the iTalk for 40 USD, you can install a program called Podzilla on your iPod and use a regular old microphone to record high quality audio. All iPods, except for the shuffle, come with calendaring functionality built in, so you can sync your desktop calendar to your iPod and keep track of where you're supposed to be and when if you're out and about. Using Griffin’s Total Remote Software and IR device, you can set up your iPod as a remote for any number of devices, including your TV, DVD player, Xbox, and Roomba.

On the whole, iPod can give you a non-stop entertainment of 20,000 songs, 25,000 photos, and 100 hours of video — or any combination of each. Thus its aptly said with iPod in hand one can enjoy the whole world as a theater.