Monday, May 21, 2007

Top 3 Ways To Get A Fat Affiliate Commission Check

The field of Affiliate Marketing is dominated by many super affiliate marketers. If you are a newbie, a lot of research is needed for boosting your career in affiliate internet marketing. Just entering and quitting the game will do nothing. You should stay in the affiliate marketing arena to reap the results. But staying without investment will never give any sort of result. There are many ways to invest in the affiliate marketing. But I do suggest the TOP 3 WAYS to get a fat affiliate commission check and beat out the competition.

In the ideal scenario of Affiliate Marketing, you are not required to have your own website. (It is a must and should for a merchant dealing with product development, inventory, maintenance, handling customers, refunds, etc.). Let me put the concept of Affiliate Marketing in simple words. Very simply, companies’ pay you the "affiliate" a nice commission for each customer sent from your affiliate link/website who then purchases a product on the merchant web site. In fact, Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways of launching into an internet business and make money online.

Coming to the internet marketers who are already into an affiliate marketing program, what would be their next goal? Earning commissions without much hard-work! Want to make the career in Affiliate Marketing leaving the day job? That’s right! How will you achieve that? There are many ways to boost your affiliate commissions overnight and to get a fat check, but I strongly believe that these 3 ways will assure you to be on TOP of Affiliate Marketing.

1. Provide Free Reports:

After selecting the best affiliate program to promote, write free reports or short ebooks related to the product you are promoting or make some recommendations. This is something like viral marketing. Distribute them through your site which will distinguish yourself from the other affiliates. The word FREE will increase the attention of the customer and if you are providing some solid information it could increase the conversion rate from visitor to the customer.

2. Publish Newsletters:

Collect and save the email addresses of the visitors who downloaded your free ebooks. You can publish newsletters to remind them to make a purchase or send them the related information. This ezine or newsletters will develop a relationship with your subscribers to make a repetitive purchase.

3. Effective PPC Advertising:

Write strong PPC ads that are authentic and creative. Do not forget to create special landing pages for your paid traffic. You need to focus your visitors’ attention on the link to the affiliate product or on the sign-up form for your newsletter or free ebook. Among all the options for PPC, Google Adwords is TOP revenue generator. However there are pitfalls aplenty. If you get things right, Adwords works brilliantly. If you get things wrong, you can lose lots of money fast. Reading the experiences will stop you from making costly errors.

Implement and monitor the above Top 3 ways, you will definitely see a boost in your website traffic and thus a phenomenon increase in your affiliate commissions check.


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